Vehicle Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Using a vinyl wrap on your vehicle is a very common strategy to attract attention and promote your business. While this can seem incredibly easy, there are still several ways that people can get it wrong. We will discuss some common graphic design mistakes that need to be avoided if you want to do it right the first time and get yourself noticed.

Common Car Wrap Design Mistakes

The following are some common car wrap design mistakes that can be easily avoided with the proper care and attention to detail.

The Wrap Doesn’t Fit the Vehicle

Amazingly, this is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to vehicle wrap design. Quite likely this is because the vehicle owner only gave the name of the car to the wrap designers. The best way to ensure a proper job will be done is to give the model number to the designers as well as the color of the vehicle. Using accurate measurements and specifications will help avoid ill-fitting graphics.

The Information on the Wrap is Incorrect

It is important to double-check the information to be printed on the wrap, such as spelling and contact numbers. If there are mistakes, these need to be corrected on the proof before the wrap goes into production. Otherwise, these mistakes can be embarrassing and costly if pointed out by others.

The Design is Confusing

Quite a few graphic designers get carried away with creativity, not realizing that a complicated or confusing design can take the viewers away from the message. That is why it is best to keep the graphics as simple as possible. The message should be as clear as possible. This is the best approach to design a wrap for a moving vehicle. The font should also be readable and not too fancy.

There Is No Proper Call to Action

Always make sure that the wrap information tells the viewers what your business is about and the services or products that you provide. Failure to incorporate this information on the wrap of your vehicle will defeat the entire purpose of the advertising message.

Using Low-Quality Materials

If you agree to use low-quality materials for your wrap, it will show in a short period. Exposure to sunlight and weather conditions can shorten the life of your wrap. It is also advisable to clean the vehicle thoroughly so no air bubbles will form. Things like dust and dirt can impact the way the wrap sticks to the vehicle.

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