Car Wrap vs. Paint: Which Is Better for Your Vehicle?

The two most popular ways to completely transform a car is by wrapping or painting it. By choosing one of these selections you are ensuring your vehicle looks beautiful for numerous years to come. However, the biggest question for most car owners is, which is the better option? That is why in this article we will go in depth breaking down both car wraps and paint to hopefully shed more light on the topic. In the end, we will give our official verdict on what we believe is the better option for most people. Keep in mind everyone has different circumstances and what may work well for us may not work well for you.

Installation Price

Regardless of what you choose either vehicle option will cost a decent amount of money. That being said car wraps do have a slight edge when it comes to overall price. A decent car wrap will set you back around $2,000 – $4,000 whilst a high-grade and complex wrap can be upwards of  $8,000. Whilst this is a lot of money, full vehicle paint jobs cost much more money to complete. In fact $8,000 for a paint job will typically only put you in the upper mid-tier ranges of quality paint jobs. Therefore, if you’re looking for the cheaper option go with a wrap 

Longevity of Work 

When it comes to redoing the look of your vehicle one of the most important aspects is knowing the work you put in will last for a long time. That’s why it’s great to hear that an average wrap that’s well maintained will at least last you around 5-7 years in the future. That being said the longevity of car wraps is nowhere near the same as a full paint job. The paint will last much longer and is very durable compared to a vinyl wrap. Whilst a wrap can last years, a well-maintained paint job can last for decades at a time. When it comes to longevity its no question that a vehicle paint job is the way to go. 


Another great aspect to take into account is the convenience of installation for both products. Whilst a vehicle may need to be in the shop for numerous days to even weeks at a time a car wrap is generally fast and done within a few days. A paint job requires much more prep and careful detail to ensure the best results possible. Lastly, what makes car wraps more convenient is their customizability and the ability to remove them when needed. When you paint a car you are stuck with that paint forever, even if you get bored of it. However, a car wrap can simply be removed whenever you want for around $500. 

The Verdict

Our verdict for the better option is car wraps. We believe wraps give the uniqueness & beauty of a paint job for less money and less required time. You can also still count on your factory paint is protected and still intact when you choose to purchase a wrap. The overall convenience of a wrap just seems too hard to pass up for us. That being said we do still think vehicle paint jobs are great, but they are even better for people that strive for a specific color that they want to last for numerous decades. 

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