Hand Painted Pin-Striping

Custom Pinstriping by Hand

As a graduate of Butura School of Art of Boston, I learned How to “‘Hand Letter” when I was 18 years old!

Fast-forward to today; over 20 years later computers have revolutionized the industry. Making some things great, and some things lacking that human touch.

I feel fortunate to have known & learned from the best around some of my hand painting skills. Skills, I still apply to some of the trucks that need “just the right look”.

When a customer looks to or wants the “most” in their graphics supplier, one who is able to do that hard to find skill & look, we here at Adpro Design are able to offer them “real deal” hand done striping. The kind of artwork that a computer or some vinyl stencils just cannot match… which is a real human feel.

Our commitment to the dying craft is as strong as it is to good designs. If that were not the case then we would be like most of the others. We feel our Skills help us separate from the masses.