Tips for Caring for Your Car Wrap in The Winter

If you are interested in advertising your business, one of the best things you can do is to get a vinyl wrap on your car. This not only advertises your business but can give a very individualistic look to your car. However, you must take proper care of the vinyl covering during the winter season, since it is prone to be damaged. We will be looking at some tips that will help you take better care of your car’s vinyl wrap in the winter season.

Keep Your Wrap Clean

Winter can be harsh and affect the condition of the wrap on your car. You have to be especially careful to protect your car from the effects of rain, ice, and snow. Please do not make the mistake of washing your car in freezing weather as it can lead to ice forming on your driveway. It is recommended to clean your car wrap once every weekend to protect it against damage from dirt and other deposits that can even get under the surface or between sections. Use warm water and soap to wash your car wrap.

Wash off Snow Before It Turns into Ice

We understand that it can be difficult to remove snow from your vehicle regularly, but you must make an effort since if the snow turns into ice, it can stick to the vinyl and make removal quite difficult. Use a soft brush and warm water to accomplish this task as best as possible.

Do Not Use Ice Scrapers

While we recommend using ice scrapers to remove ice from car windows, using them on a vinyl wrap can be disastrous as they can cause the wrap to puncture or peel off. Using a soft brush will reduce the risk of wrap damage.

Deal Effectively with Salt and Sand

Since many roads have sand and salt put on them for better driving conditions in winter, you may also have to deal with these elements sticking to your car’s body, wheels, and undercarriage. If not handled carefully, it can lead to corrosion and lasting damage. Once again, you can reduce the effects of salt and sand by using a brush to remove these substances from the surface of your car.

Fix Holes or Scratches without Delay

You have to keep a sharp eye for a hole or tear in your car’s vinyl wrap. Attending to it right away will save you time and money. You should also make it a habit to spot-clean your vehicle whenever there is any kind of dirt on it. Taking your car for a touch-up will prevent further losses.

Do Not Pressure Wash Your Car

It is better to hand wash your car than go for pressure washing. This can cause fading and cracking of your vinyl wrap. Use cold water and keep the nozzle at least a foot away from the vinyl while pressure washing.

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We have looked at six tips for caring for your car wrap in the winter season. If you follow these tips, it will prolong the life of the vinyl wrap and leave it looking fresh for a longer period. For all your vinyl wrap needs make sure to contact AdPro Design to get the best service in the industry for your vehicle! 

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