Types of Vehicles We Wrap

Over our 30+ year history as a company, we have serviced a wide variety of clients – not to mention vehicles. We have worked with virtually all types of vehicles that you can imagine: cars, trucks, box trucks, vans, and more. Don’t believe us? Check out our gallery of the great work that our team has done! Though the vehicles that we service can change and vary from project to project – one thing stays the same – and that’s our commitment to outstanding results for you, the customer. We’ve served brands and organizations from a wide variety of industries – see how we can help put your business on the map! Get in touch with us at (978) 531-8939 or submit a contact form through our website here.

Box Trucks

When it comes to advertising, bigger does sometimes mean better, and if your company car is a box truck, a beautiful vehicle wrap will help you say what you want to say about your brand. Those who lay eyes on your box truck wrap will make no mistake as to what your brand is, does, and represents. Box truck wraps provide ample space for you to say whatever it is about your business that you want to – it could be your logo, contact information, business address, and more. Consider a box truck wrap with AdPro Design today! Call us at (978) 531-8939 or submit a contact form through our website here.

Semi Trucks

Semi trucks are perhaps one of the most practical vehicles out there, and one that is almost always used for commercial purposes. With that being said, it’s as if semi trucks are almost asking to be outfitted with a vehicle wrap. Given that they are almost always out on the road, much like a box truck, the size of a semi truck renders it to be almost like a moving billboard, one that will certainly grab the attention of the public.

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