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mayerVehicle Lettering, Truck Lettering, Painting and Decals that Drives Business

Who's that?

People say that all to often like when a contractor pulls up to a job with no lettering on his truck. What does it say about his integrity? Is he committed to his work?

Housewives really say it (and probably think much more), when a van pulls into their driveway without lettering or any sign of Decals.

Magnets send a message of "fly by night" contractors. Also, magnets are not to the legal code of the state of Massachusetts laws regarding commercial vehicles.

If it has commercial plates it must be lettered on 2 sides in contrasting color or the owner will get fined / ticketed $1,000.00 We have seen this happen many times through the years and it does happen.

Weather you need basic identification or a real sharp lettering job we can take care of your needs.

Click here to see example of our Lettering work.

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